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Address: Room 2207, Building 1, Longchamp International Plaza,No. 9 Middle Xiangfu Road,Yuhua District, Changsha City,Hunan Province, China
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Factory & Online Testing Equipment

Factory Equipment:

Brightstainless attach importance to the quality of products, that professional purchasing team is stationed in the production frontline for QA and prompt delivery. Every product will be quality re-assured and key product’s manufacturing procedures will be monitored wholly from raw materials to delivery.


Online Testing Equipment:

The production and inspection technological process of our company is arranged according to production standards, and we also establishes professional inspection organization which takes charge of the quality inspection of all process from raw material into the company to the final product store up. Inspections including destructive testing and non-destructive testing. 

Destructive testing includes: tensile tests (including hot tensile testing); impact tests (up to -196 degrees Celsius); bend tests; hardness tests; intercrystalline corrosion test in accordance with ASTM A262 practice E; pitting corrosion test in accordance with ASTM G48A; metallurgical tests (metal analysis, macro & micro examination).
Non-destructive testing includes: eddy current testing; ultrasonic testing; hydro testing; x-ray testing (radiographic & radioscopic); positive material indentification testing.