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Manufacturing & Welding Stainless Steel

Date:2017-02-10      Views:553Time      Label:Manufacturing & Welding Stainless Steel      
Stainless steel pipe is available in a variety of forms, finishes and textures. Also, it can be painted using wide variety of colors. The stainless steel is widely used in the manufacturing of domestic and industrial appliances. The stainless steel materials and products are popular because of its high resistant to stain and rust or corrosion. The stainless steel is manufactured using numerous processes depending on the type and grade of stainless steel required. Different grades of stainless steel are produced for special applications. For example, the heat treatment of stainless steel is carried out to have the intended physical appearance and shape. Also, the quality control is monitored right throughout the manufacturing and fabricating process of stainless steel.
The steps employed in stainless steel manufacture.
The raw metal is melted using an electric furnace.
The semi finished or heated melted steel, passed through giant rollers and formed into bars or wires or plates or sheets. 
Then the stainless steel formed, are heated and cooled to achieve the required strengths including recommended temperatures. It is important to note that the heating process may vary according to the type of steel required. In a particular, the low temperature heating produces high tensile strength steel and high temperature heating produces lower tensile strength and tougher steel. 
The stainless steel bars, sheets, wires, plates will be cut to the required sizes using numerous methods such as shearing, blanking, sawing, nibbling, flame cutting, plasma jet cutting, etc.
The most important process of finishing is carried out on the stainless steel produced, using various finishing methods. The types of finishing methods employed are annealing, descaling, buffing, tumbling, sandblasting, wire brushing and pickling.
Also, based on the variety of stainless steel products required, the stainless steel is further subject to welding and grinding or processed to give further shaping. For example, the Laser fusion welding is one of the widely used method of welding stainless steel. Similarly, precision grinding methods are also used to give attractive look to the stainless steel products.

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